About This Site

The Sorabji Files website was established on February 22, 2008 for the purpose of spreading awareness of the music of Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji, to help develop a more widespread acceptance and understanding of it, which has previously and still to this day (though to a lesser extent), been obscured by unplayability and other such myths. It was created for those interested in the music of Sorabji as well as those who may have, with no knowledge or interest in the composer, accidentally come across it, to dispel the myths, by the means of providing free, full-length audio via streaming audio or download.

Though a good portion of his music is of considerable length and difficulty, it should be evident, after listening, that it is not only playable, but has been played exceptionally well! He never wrote virtuosity for the sake of virtuosity. Sorabji wrote genuine music!

Some think of Sorabji as a writer of extreme modern music comprised of nothing but a cacophony of sound. This could not be further from the truth! Its contrapuntal, rhythmic and harmonic complexities are not far from the sound world of Debussy and Ravel. In fact, Sorabji intensely disliked the heaviness and clashing harmonies of Stravinsky; nor was he attracted to the atonality and serialism of Schoenberg.

It is my hope that this website will contribute to your understanding and appreciation of this wonderful composer and lead to further exploration of his music. It is also my hope that it will lead to more outstanding pianists performing his works and to increase interest in his orchestral music which is yet to be performed, so it can be brought to life by an actual orchestra.

I encourage you to listen intently and have an open mind.


Michael Grossi