It is my humble honor to extend gratitude to the many named on this page who have been instrumental in this website's existence.

Firstly, I thank Alistair Hinton and The Sorabji Archive; without whose support and guidance this site would not be possible. Indeed we would likely never hear a single note of Sorabji's œuvre; were it not for his tireless efforts in preserving and promoting the legacy of this titanic composer.

I thank the many performers who have breathed the breath of life into the countless notes scrawled by the composer's hand and the typesetters who've decyphered and rendered them into beautiful, legible performing editions.

I also thank all those who have produced "virtual" realizations of Sorabji's orchestral music. While a virtual realization surely pales in comparison to a performance by an actual orchestra, we would likely never be able to get even a glimpse of Sorabji's genius for orchestration without one. It is my hope that by promoting them, such exposure might one day lead to the dream of a real live performance coming true!

Everyone, from archivist to typesetter to performers both live and virtual have labored endlessly, so that this music which may have at one time faded into oblivion might be heard and appreciated. I can never thank them enough!

Last, but certainly not least, I thank Kaikhosru Sorabji, whom this website is dedicated to. I am deeply grateful for the music he has written, however obscured by neglect and misunderstanding.